first impressions team

Here at Capital City Church, we know that first impressions leave a lasting impression. 

We want every person who walks through our doors to feel welcome and comfortable, to sense that they belong!

That’s why our First Impressions Team is here serving each Sunday.​ 

First Impressions involves a variety of teams that invite you in and make you feel at home!​


Parking – Each week volunteers stand by with a smile in the parking lot to guide people in and out, making parking before and after services a simple and painless task. 

Greeters - You’ll be welcomed by a friendly handshake or warm smile as you enter Capital City Church. 

Greeters are wonderful at guiding new guests in and helping them get where they need to go. 

Connecting Point - Our Connecting Point Table is a resource table. Attendants are there to answer any questions you might have and are delighted to share any information with you that you may need. 

Cafe - As you enter Capital City Church the delicious aroma of coffee will be one of the first things you will notice. We love serving coffee, and it's free. 

Hospitality - One thing you will discover about Capital City Church is that we take pride in serving our guest. 

Our hospitality teams are the best at serving. 

Ushers - Our ushers love to assist you – for any reason. 

Whether it be helping you find a seat-to answering questions, the ushers are pleased to help throughout our services. 

To inquire about joining our first impressions Team

Michelle Bozman

Call- 850-329-6324 or email-