Come see what all the talk is about on our official CCKIDS page! If you are looking for a safe place for your children to thrive and grow, we would love to connect with you and invite you into our family! 



The world can be a tough place to fit in! Something very important today is surrounding yourself with like minded people. What is more important is that we are around people who love Jesus! Those are two things you get as a CCStudent. There is a place just for you in CCStudents! Come on a journey with us as we learn to navigate life together! Let us be apart of your unique story!



Young Adults is a diverse group of amazing people who are in college or have recently started their careers! Nobody should ever do life alone because it is so much easier together! We are called to shift culture! Join us as we all embark on one of the most important missions known to man!


Our van ministry exists to provide a way for people to get to church! We understand that not everyone has transportation and we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to encounter Jesus!